Authentic, wholesome, ethical and delicious baked goods.

Experienced bakers and parents to two energetic young boys, James Katsarelias and Katharine Moserrat are on a mission: to create authentic, wholesome, ethical and delicious baked goods whilst sourcing the majority of their ingredients from our local region and state.  Their authentic sourdoughs are leavened (fermented) with a natural, wild culture of yeasts and healthy bacteria. No preservatives or any other additives are used.

Sharing this passion are team members Greg, Mira, Miroslav and Haydn, whose combined knowledge and unique flair for bread-making make The Uraidla Bakery a destination for all bread-lovers.   All loaves are prepped and baked on-site using wholesome, unmodified ingredients, and old-world baking techniques. With the exception of ciabatta, all loaves are sourdough with a minimum 12-hour fermentation; and all are vegan-friendly, except the honey spelt & oat.

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