Welcome To The Uraidla Bakery

1198 Greenhill Rd, Uraidla SA 5142

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Authentic, wholesome, ethical and delicious baked goods.

Julie Fraser is on a mission: to create authentic, wholesome, ethical and delicious baked goods whilst sourcing the majority of the bakery’s ingredients from our local region and state.  Their authentic sourdoughs are leavened (fermented) with a natural, wild culture of yeasts and healthy bacteria. No preservatives or any other additives are used.

Sharing this passion is a team of dedicated bakers, led by the extremely talented Haydn Denny. Their combined knowledge and unique flair for bread-making make The Uraidla Bakery a destination for all bread-lovers.   All loaves are prepped and baked on-site using wholesome, unmodified ingredients, and old-world baking techniques. With the exception of ciabatta, all loaves are sourdough with a minimum 12-hour fermentation; and all are vegan-friendly, except the honey spelt & oat.

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