The Bread Line

No preservatives or any other additives are used.

Honey Oat $9.60

wholemeal spelt with a dash of honey & oats

Ciabatta $8

fluffiest and most popular loaf, made with a pre-ferment & `white‘ wheat flour, French yeast

Semi-sourdough baguette $5.50

traditional French-style baguette with 12-hour ferment

Seeded Rye $9.60

Light rye flour, 10 seeds and grains

Everyday Sourdough $8.50

the “white” loaf with 75% white/20% wholemeal/5% rye flours

100% Spelt $10.20

lowest in gluten content with 100% organic wholemeal spelt flour

Vollkornbrot $12

spelt/rye combination with sprouted seeds & grains, buttermilk & molasses

Fig & Walnut $10.20

fruit loaf with egg wash, organic wholewheat, spices, sultanas, figs, walnuts, & a dash of spice

Our breads

Welcome to the The Uraidla Republic and Bakery!

Our mission here and at The Uraidla Hotel is to create wholesome, delicious meals and goods by sourcing the majority of our produce from our local region and state.

In sharing this mission, experienced bakers James & Katharine Katsarelias bring with them a knowledgeable and unique flair for authentic breadmaking.

Sharing this passion is a team of dedicated bakers, who use traditional ingredients, combinations and baking methods to create genuine, healthful products. All loaves are prepped and baked on-site.

With the exception of ciabatta, all loaves are sourdough with a 12-hour fermentation; and all are vegan-friendly, except our Fig & Walnut, and Honey Oat.

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